Gluten Free Faves

Going gluten free can seem challenging. It certainly was for me. For the first few months I relied on a lot of potatoes, but eventually, I needed pasta. I needed bread. I needed variety. Below I’ve listed some of the gluten free items that carry me through. I still miss sourdough bread, but maybe one day I’ll figure out a recipe that works! Feel free to share your gluten free favorites in the comments!


Best for hot dishes – casseroles, spaghetti, etc. I love their spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna noodles.

Fantastic for cold dishes like pasta salad. This pasta doesn’t get gummy or grainy when cooled. The shells are my favorite, but the rotini and penne are wonderful too.

This macaroni will settle all your mac and cheese cravings. I love all the Annie’s macaroni variations.


This loaf makes a beautiful sandwich and an even better piece of toast.

A perfect, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, baguette. Ideal served with soups or anything that needs sopping up.

These cheesy bites are absolute heaven.


These crispy crackers come in numerous flavors and are always delicious.

Breton is a charcuterie board staple and you won’t be able to tell these are gluten free.

Mary clearly knows what she’s doing. These are my go to paired with any cheese or dip.


This mix makes a fabulous pancake OR waffle.

Trader Joe’s Everything Bagels are to die for! Incredible with cream cheese, bacon, egg, and cheese, or avocado.

When you don’t have time for a full mix, these waffles replace an Eggo in every way.

Sweet Treats

The BEST gelato outside Italy. They have lots of other flavor options that are gluten free too.

The flavor of these cannot be beat. You will have no idea they’re gluten free.

If you need a thin mint fix, this is your cookie.

Random Winners

Freschetta has the best gluten free crust. It’s easy to fancy up their basic cheese with ricotta, arugula, honey, and black pepper.

Corn tortillas are the obvious go to, but when you need a bigger tortilla that doesn’t turn gummy, this is the one.

Udi’s hamburger buns keep well in the freezer so they won’t go to waste. Their hotdog buns are also fantastic.

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