Lesson #1 – Season Your Food

It’s that simple. Salt and pepper aren’t going to cut it. Bland food is the number one complaint I hear from people. Here are some seasoning basics I always have in my kitchen. You may spend a little extra to stock your spice cabinet, but once you do, the recipe is your oyster and you can experiment to your heart’s content. Also, TASTE your food. You can always add more seasoning, but taking it away is nearly impossible and the kind of science I don’t have time for. And remember, add garlic until the souls of your ancestors whisper, “Stop…that’s enough now dear.”

Morton’s Nature’s Seasons, Seasoning Blend goes with absolutely everything. It is a staple in almost everything savory I cook. Vegetables, seafood, spaghetti, frittatas, chicken. The onion and garlic is perfectly balanced. It is the star of my kitchen.

Other basics I love include garlic powder (a must for soups and stews), cumin, chili powder, white pepper, and paprika. Of course, no spice cabinet is complete without Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. And BOU has the BEST gluten free chicken, beef, and vegetable bouillon cubes on the market.

For Asian dishes you must have fish sauce, mirin, sesame seed oil, sriracha, and a good soy sauce, to name a few. Soups require fennel, dried dill, celery seed, and oregano. And finally, curry, turmeric, garam masala, and dried ginger…they add depth to much more than your favorite Indian dishes.

Brands don’t matter much, but I encourage you to try different options, or whatever is on sale.

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