Welcome to With a Glass of Wine!

I have always loved to cook. My mother and father cooked dinner nearly every night growing up and we would have dinner as a family around the table. My mother is also an excellent hostess and would have friends over for dinner on a regular basis, throw casual parties, and bougie soirées. My grandmother and aunts were amazing cooks as well. A passion for creating delicious food was instilled in me at a very early age. Now, I am surrounded by friends who love to cook…and love to eat.

February of 2019, my best friend Elliot and I decided we needed a change. We were in our mid-30’s and needed to shake things up. We started meal prepping for our lunches. Over the next year we discovered what worked, and more importantly what didn’t. We have very different nutrition goals, and the challenge of quenching both has proved challenging from time to time. Elliot was also a fairly picky eater…WAS. We have settled into a nice routine now that revolves around favorites – pork and spinach meatballs, anything sweet potato, broccoli salads – and adventurous new recipes – sticky lemon chicken, spinach bombs, lentil salads. Oh! And we’re gluten free. Elliot didn’t start that way, but he’s becoming gluten free whether he likes it or not. Needless to say, we are saving money, eating better, and widening our tastebud’s worlds on a weekly basis.

I have been posting our meals on my Instagram (marukalr) since the beginning, and recently began posting occasional Facebook stories as well. However, I would like to create a place to share my recipes and encourage everyone to embrace cooking at home more often, trying new things, and giving meal prep a try! Please share this blog with anyone you know who loves to cook, wants to learn more about cooking, or meal prepping.

Flower bread.

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